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LasVegas.Net Magazine

Marty Mizrahi, publisher of LasVegas.Net Magazine, founded the well-known travel website in the early 1990s. In 2006, Mayor Oscar Goodman issued a proclamation to Mizrahi's LasVegas.Net. In the early days of the Internet, when domain names could be registered for nothing, Marty Mizrahi purchased 100,000s of domain names and later sold them off to huge companies and corporations. Marty Mizrahi, president of LV.Net and creator of,, and, is the publisher of LV.Net Las Vegas Magazine. To promote the Entertainment Capital of the World and the free Wi-Fi his business provides; Marty Mizrahi has also developed new print and digital publications that will target travelers in Las Vegas.

Proclamation LV.Net Day

Mayor Carolyn Goodman Proclamation LV.Net Day

High Speed Wireless Internet

Free Wi-Fi to Downtown Las Vegas

Wi-Fi to Las Vegas Conventions

Microwave Point-to-Point

LasVegas.Net Magazine is the leading authority on tourism, community, and luxury living. If you are the type of person who enjoys hearing about local happenings, hot new restaurants and lounges, or hip new fashion trends, we invite you to subscribe, and you will receive our publication in the mail. Mizrahi’s LasVegas.Net Magazine will have a little something for everyone and will appeal to virtually all market demographics.

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