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Marty Mizrahi, Entrepreneur, gave the ionic Downtown Las Vegas building a new look; thanks to the City of Las Vegas. It was very important to Mizrahi to maintain the buildings historical value located on Valley View Blvd., still while improving it to meet today’s more modern designs. Mizrahi purchased the former Las Vegas SUN building in 2014 and improved the building's façade. The building was home to the Las Vegas SUN newspaper from 1990 to 2001before Mizrahi’s purchase “We want to maintain the building’s historical value while improving it to meet modern design and technology standards,” said Mizrahi. “It’s great to have a building with this much history in the heart of Las Vegas.” Mizrahi used his own money to upgrade the building’s exterior and install a new digital sign. “We tore the old sign down and built a state-of-the-art 45-foot digital LED sign,” Mizrahi explained.

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